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Working with Millennials
Working with Millennials – Young generation in Indian PR

Working with Millennials – Young generation in Indian PR

How India is building the young PR fraternity

India, like many other countries, has a growing young generation that is entering the field of Public Relations (PR). This generation, referred to as millennials, brings a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to the business. Up until two decades back, the younger generation or the millennials were not as inclined towards Public Relations or Communications as a profession. You may call it the lack of awareness. Millennials had little knowledge about this sector, and it was broadly pictured under marketing, advertising or mass communication. But it is a changed scenario now.

The younger generation in PR, is undoubtedly, sharp and has a good grasp on concepts. Millennials value collaboration and open communication. Building strong relationships, fostering open communication and treating each millennial as an individual helps us work effectively and harmoniously with them.

The development of the young PR fraternity in India is a result of various factors –

Changing Communication Trends: The rise of digital media and social networking platforms has significantly impacted the way in which people communicate. Millennials are early adopters of these technologies and have a natural affinity for using them. This has led to a shift in PR strategies, with an emphasis on digital platforms, influencer marketing and online reputation management. The young generation is well-versed in leveraging these tools, making them valuable assets in the PR profession.

Increased Awareness of PR: Over the years, there has been a growing recognition of PR as a viable career option in India. Millennials are more open to exploring diverse professions, and PR has emerged as an appealing field that allows them to combine their communication skills, creativity, and strategic thinking. After all, the terms like Hustlers or multi-hyphenates came to light very recently, all thanks to the millennial mindset!

Technology and Skill Development: Technology has played a significant role in shaping the young PR fraternity in India. The availability of online courses, webinars, and workshops on PR and digital marketing has enabled millennials to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge. They are equipped with a deep understanding of social media analytics, content creation and data-driven PR strategies. The integration of technology into PR practices has given them a competitive edge.

Entrepreneurial Mindset: Millennials in India have a strong entrepreneurial mindset. They are willing to take risks, challenge traditional practices, and explore innovative approaches. They like to reason things and find logic. This mindset aligns well with the ever-evolving nature of PR, where adaptability and creativity are key. Many young PR professionals in India are starting their own firms or working in dynamic start-ups, contributing to the growth of the profession.

Networking and Collaboration: The young PR fraternity in India is quiet a natural with networking skills. They wouldn’t wait to get introduced rather they will make the first move, they’d be the first one to go talk to a stranger, talk to an industry senior and break the ice. Millennials understand the importance of building relationships and leveraging them to enhance their professional growth.

To support and nurture the young PR fraternity in India, universities and educational institutions are introducing PR-focused programmes and courses. Additionally, professional organisations and industry bodies are organising workshops, conferences, and seminars to facilitate learning and skill development. These initiatives aim to bridge the gap between academic education and business requirements, equipping millennials with the practical skills needed for a successful PR career.

Working efficiently with millennials requires an understanding of their characteristics, preferences and work styles. Here are some recommendations to keep in mind if you have a big young team to mentor –

  • Embrace collaboration and feedback
  • Provide meaningful work assignments
  • Offer work-life balance
  • Leverage technology with them
  • Provide regular recognition and reward
  • Foster a diverse and inclusive environment
  • Be open to reverse mentoring

Overall, India is witnessing the growth of a vibrant and talented young PR fraternity. The millennial generation’s unique perspectives, digital fluency, and entrepreneurial spirit are driving innovation and shaping the future of Public Relations in the country.