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Building goodwill for greater good

Building goodwill for greater good

For anyone in business today, it is a given (but not very common), to realise and know that the bigger picture is what matters the most. It is the values you stand by, the causes you endorse, it is about the empathy that you treat your stakeholders with. The word ‘relation’ in Public Relations is the one to focus on – relationship with your employees, with your clients, with your peers and community. Building goodwill for the greater good involves creating positive relationships, fostering trust, and promoting collaboration among individuals, organizations, and communities.

Here are some recommendations on how you build goodwill for the greater good:

Encourage interactions: Encourage dialogue and active listening to understand diverse perspectives. Let it be an interaction where people express their opinions, concerns, and ideas in a respectful and inclusive environment. Make them feel that their opinions matter, their questions are valid, their presence in the room is valued and that they are important!

DEI:  Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are catalysts for positive change. Embrace diversity in all its forms and create inclusive spaces where everyone feels welcomed and valued.

Be part of a community: Support projects that are either linked to initiatives that address environment concerns, social issues or any other community activity like plantation drives, or cycling/carpooling week to work or other public service campaigns to demonstrate commitment and encourage others to participate.

Collaborate: Collaboration over competition is the mantra. Encourage partnerships and collaborations with various stakeholders, academic institutions, and community leaders. By working together, you can pool resources, share expertise, and create a greater impact.

CSR is hygiene: Look back and look inside. Are you an organisation that has adopted ethical practices, sustainable policies, and initiatives that benefit the community and the environment? Engage in philanthropy, support non-profit organizations, and invest in responsible business practices.

Support education and knowledge sharing: Encourage education and knowledge sharing initiatives that empower individuals and communities. Promote access to quality education, vocational training, and information resources to enhance skills and promote lifelong learning.

Lead by example: Because values are caught, not taught! As individuals, embody the values and behaviours you wish to promote. Be empathetic, ethical, and environmentally conscious in your actions. Inspire others through your words and deeds to create a ripple effect of positive change.

Become an advocate of sustainable life choices: Advocate for sustainable living and environmental concerns. Promote practices such as recycling, energy conservation, responsible consumption, and eco-friendly alternatives to reduce our ecological footprint. Become an endorser and encourage your circle to adopt a sustainable lifestyle as well.

Celebrate every small achievement: Celebrate milestones, celebrate wins, celebrate individuals, organizations, and communities that are making a positive impact. Highlight their accomplishments and use them as inspiration for others to join the cause.

Building goodwill for the greater good requires consistency and won’t be built in a day or months. It requires you to show up every single day and at every turn where you take a stand and what you stand up for. By fostering goodwill, we can create a more compassionate, sustainable, and harmonious world for everyone.